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Is your old taking up garage space?

Being scrap car merchants enables us to salvage usable spare parts from dismantled cars. You can get a good bargain on spare parts that are in good working condition. Our local scrap yard has a collection of second hand cars including vintage classic cars.

Dispose your old car legally and responsibly

Has your car been written-off in an accident?

It's not only the old cars that go into scrappage. There are various reasons such as accident, failing an MOT or generally not economically viable to keep it on road. Such cars can fetch you a good price as a lot of their parts will be in good running condition including the engine and transmission. Contact Rampton Car Breakers Ltd if you are in Cambridge and surrounding areas to discuss how you can benefit.

An unused and unwanted car can take up valuable space in your garage or drive. At Rampton Car Breakers Ltd, we not only dispose of your old car but also give the best price for its scrap metal and salvaged parts. We are your local scrap car merchants in Cambridge and surrounding areas.  

Car dismantling done in an environmentally friendly way.

We understand that  you want your car disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Our local scrap yard has a depollution bay equipped with the latest technology to ensure that your car is depolluted and dismantled. We will also issue a certificate of destruction to comply with the law.

What you will get?

• Dismantling all types of vehicles

• Depollution bay

• Certificate of Destruction

• Best price for scrap metal and salvage parts

Need spare parts or a second hand car?

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